Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lost Planet Extreme Condition .ARC Extractor sources go public

I got many requests by email and comments to have a look on Devil May Cry 4 but since I don't have this game and won't have it soon probably I decided to publish source code so you can improve it on your own and find out what is wrong. PS: You guys also didn't supply me with .ARC files from DMC4 so.... ;)
Download source here: Lost Planet Extreme Condition .ARC Extractor sources


Anonymous said...

DMC4 use LZX compression (like the MS CAB files, but not the same).

Here is a tool, that can unpack the dmc4 arc files: (only IE supported!)
But this can't create arc file, unfortunately.

Janek said...

is there any program that can extract DM4 .arc files and .mod files to .obj with material information an UVs, not shattering the models into so many pieces, like RPGViewer do?

Janek said...

by the way, I can supply the author of the program with the proper .arc file from DM4 if he would be so kind and take a look at it and maybe make some small adjustements to his wonderful program ;p

Anonymous said...

how can i see the videos of the game with this application???

Ultimecia said...
There you go, a DMC4 .arc ;p