Sunday, February 15, 2009

Life ...

After long break I finally found some time to update my blog, I found new job in Europe so will try to keep my blog updated without long delays ;)

So back to business here is update for Burut Creative Team Engine .PAK Extractor added game support for Specnaz 2 game.
Download: Burut Creative Team Engine .PAK Extractor v1.35

PS: New updates cumming soon...

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M_B said...

Great tool!

I'm using it to open the Sparta II (the Ancient Wars - Sparta expansion) pak file (it works!), because i'm trying to manually modifying the game resolution... But I don't know how to REPACK file!

It's possible to add an options in this tool to edit and repack .pak files? (Maybe extracting the pak to a temp directory, editing the files inside and then repaching the .pak whit edited flies in the temp directory?)

It will be very great!