Sunday, February 15, 2009

Memento Mori .RES Upacker

Here is another update for one of my tools Centauri production updated their file format to v3.10 so I had to update my tool too, for now it's only possible to unpack .RES files "Make" button works for v3.00.
PS: I updated my tool on basis of German DEMO version so I hope they used same file format on retail version and other languages.

Official game site:
Download: Centauri Production Resource Tool v1.01

Lost Planet Extreme Condition .ARC Extractor sources go public

I got many requests by email and comments to have a look on Devil May Cry 4 but since I don't have this game and won't have it soon probably I decided to publish source code so you can improve it on your own and find out what is wrong. PS: You guys also didn't supply me with .ARC files from DMC4 so.... ;)
Download source here: Lost Planet Extreme Condition .ARC Extractor sources

Update ...

Since blogpost added CAPTCHA protection against spam I enabled anonymous comments so feel free to write feedback in comments ;) Also if you want to support me click Donate PayPal button.

Life ...

After long break I finally found some time to update my blog, I found new job in Europe so will try to keep my blog updated without long delays ;)

So back to business here is update for Burut Creative Team Engine .PAK Extractor added game support for Specnaz 2 game.
Download: Burut Creative Team Engine .PAK Extractor v1.35

PS: New updates cumming soon...