Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Burut Creative Team Engine .PAK Extractor v1.32

Crimes of War a.k.a Ubersoldier 2

Developer: Burut CT
Publisher: City Interactive
Official site: City Interactive
Russian site: East Front crash annenerbe

Yet another game from Russian developers, this game was released last year in Russia and Germany and now it's out in English, game graphics looks out dated but game play looks really decent, check the game trailer at YouTube

Hard to be a God

Developer: Burut CT
Publisher: Nobilis
Official site: Hard to be a God
Those guys from Burut did lots of games lately such as Hard to be a God, game is based on book with same title you can find out more about game and book at Wiki.

Both those games use the same file format just a bit modified and it's matches with Sparta .PAK format since the Sparta was developed by Butur Entertainment too and that's explains everything why file format is similar, so I decided to give my Sparta PAK tool new name here it is available for download.

Download: Burut Creative Team Engine .PAK Extractor v1.32
Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Complete list of supported games:

Ancient Wars Sparta English
Ancient Wars Sparta Italian/Spanish
Ancient Wars Sparta Russian
Hard to be a God
The Fate Of Hellas
Crimes of War (aka UberSoilder 2)

PS: Some of my readers send me executable files and different files from games, but you know I can't handle everything, unfortunately I'm busy with my real stuff now, so I'm trying to keep my current tools up to date.

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