Sunday, July 29, 2007

Centauri Production Resource Tool v1.0

I've managed another file format, now its from Centauri Production, file format has header "Centauri Production Resource File 3.00" and tool is able to handle files only with this header. The game "Evil Days of Luckless John" has this file format and I have tested my tool on it. Tool is able to read and create .res files, but I not guarantee that creation feature will work on 100%.
File Format:

Header; // "Centauri Production Resource File 3.00\n\n\0"
int FilesCount;
int TOCOffset;

string FileName;
long FileTime;
int isPacked; // 0 - false; 2 - true
int Offset;
int UnpackedSize;
int PackedSize;
int unk1; // Could be crc or something else.

Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Download: Centauri Production Resource Tool v1.0


Anonymous said...

whats about spiderman 3 you will hgave a look on the files? hard format ? i hope you can do something..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your work, can yoy do something with AIM2 clan wars?

Vladimir said...

What about Memento Mori files? They have "Centauri Production Resource File 3.10" file header? and not open with this util...