Monday, May 14, 2007

UFO Extraterrestrials

Publisher: Tri Synergy
Developer: Chaos Concept
Official site: here
Review: 1
Forum: forum
Screen shots:

Another UFO game, now from Czechs developers, very looks like first UFO Defense, game atmosphere is pretty nice, who played first UFO should to try this one.
Developers used own file format to keep their textures, music and other resources. I've done my tool at this weekend so you can extract modify and repack their XBIG files. Also you can find a lot of MODs for this game at official forum.
Tool requirements: .NET Framework 2.0
You can download tool here: UFO Extraterrestrials xBIG Tool v1.1


Anonymous said...

Could You add these please?
- change the "Add files to Tree" caption to "Create xBig from directory"
New features:
- read/add savegame tags from/to .sav files (saved games are xBig files as well, however there are a few bytes appendedto the xBig file that contain info about the saved game).

Thanks, great tool!

Termite said...

Ye I'll fix that asap, I can save that layer for save games in separate file and use later.

GOOD WORK! said...

There's a way to contact you via Mail or something?
I'd like to ask you some things, if you want... :)

See later!

Termite said...

I've added contact info to the blog ;)

Anonymous said...

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Andrew said...

Don't know if you'll even see this. I can unpack the savegame files using your xbig.exe but I can't repack them and keep getting an error when trying to do it manually from cmd prompt. Do you have any advice on how to get the edited files back into the .sav file without erroring out?