Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Infernal .zap unpacker UPDATED

Seems I was in hurry and uploaded not stable version of Infernal .zap unpacker, thanks to people who reported me about problems here is new version of zap tool.

Infernal .zap unpacker
Requirments: .NET Framework 2.0


borys said...

dont work for me with non english version of the game:/ When i try to unpack the polish_stirngs.zap i always have an error :/(sorry for my english)
here you may download this file:

Please help me :)

Deviant said...

I see that there is not contact to Termite :)

Can you please post here your email address or any way how I can contact you ?:)

Thank you

Termite said...

2borys: I'll check your file later unfortunately I have no time to check every game and help everyone and also there are a lot of other interesting games.

2Deviant: :) [at]

deviant said...

Thank you for your fast reply :) I wrote you email :)

Termite said...

2borys: I checked your zap file, and I can said, they changed file format, tool was made only for english version of the game, sorry but its need to waste a lot of time to code a new tool for it, also I cant make packer for it, because I don't know whole file structure, some fields still stays unknown.

borys said...

ok, thx for help.

Anonymous said...

Are you able to create command like tool for these .zap files?
I would like to unpack games zap files on the target system without user's help

mango said...

I Can't download! mozilla and internet explorer says: impossible find requested page ! :( :(