Friday, May 18, 2007

Ascension to the Throne .PAK Extractor v1.0

Here I coded a new tool for Ascension to the Throne .PAK extractor file format in this game is super simple so it takes me 5 minutes to understand it just in hex editor.
FAT chain looks like:

private struct PAK
public string filename;
public int offset;
public int length;

.NET Framework 2.0
Download: Ascension to the Throne .PAK Extractor v1.0


Marvey said...

nice :)
Do you think you can have a look on Spiderman 3 .pcpack files ?
i have uploaded some exemples
i hope you can have a look on it :)

Termite said...

yes, but later, now in my queue goes M2TW and Lost Planet DEMO :)

Kamil said...

About Spiderman 3 ... I think those files are not enough - they're missing file structure/index. Please look for smaller files with same filenames but different extension, if not found look for other files that could be the index, also make a directory structure/filename list. ;)

my said...

Yo' great m8!!!

Sorry ;-) some requests
I'm looking for the .cdata audio C&C TBW to wav and the XWB to wav to 2worlds

Marvey said...

termit: thx hope you can have a look too.
Kamil thx for your atention with spiderman 3 files. i have been looking around the spiderman directory and the structure is like that: Docs ;
movies ; packs ; pcinterface ; sound and then in the root we have some dlls and .exe and one file called amalga.toc maybe this one have some info ? inside the packs folder there are so many packs files about 4gb of packs. i have uploaded all the files in the pcinterface folder and the file amalga.toc i hope this can help.
here it is the link:
first file

second file:

Marvey said...

btw i have uploaded too one segment of files with the same name maybe will help.


Termite said...

This amalga.toc looks interesting, I assume .toc extension its Tree or Table Of Content, thnx it will save my time.

Marvey said...

I was looking at the names of the pack files to try to see some strange name seems all the names are about the objects in the game but i found one pack with the name GAME.PCPACK.rar so i have uploaded this one too maybe can help.


Spider-freak said...

Hi guys. I've being trying to edit the pcpack files in spiderman 3 using notepad. My main objective is to change the character you play as in certain points e.g Play a peter when you a supposed to be playing spiderman. Each character has its own pack, Including the new goblin. All my attempts have failed so far. Can anyone help and does anyone know of a pack extractor for this game?

Asin said...

Sorry ;-) some requests about "Ascension to the Throne .PAK Extractor v1.0". I'm looking for the .PAK creator.

I hope you can have a look on it :)